Bluetooth Marketing - What Is Blue Tooth Proximity Marketing?

Bluetooth Marketing – What Is Blue Tooth Proximity Marketing?

Bluetooth Marketing - What Is Blue Tooth Proximity Marketing?

IMAGINE that you are a local business, whether it be a retailer, restaurant, or some kind of business that provides a service, and you are struggling to get customers through the door. What inventive ways could you come up with to get those footsteps through the door?

There are many untapped ways of marketing to people that you didn’t even know about – and one of those ways is by using "proximity marketing" via special software that taps into people’s mobile smartphones, and when a mobile is detected in and around the vicinity of the local business, the person’s mobile comes up with an ad for that business.


This maybe something like: "Pop down to Jo Jo’s local pizza parlour, and get a FREE bottle of Pepsi with every order."

Make sure your offer ad you send out is enticing for the customer, and will ensure that they want to rush down to that local business. Make sure you tailor your campaigns to suit the need of the customer of the local business. Make sure that the customer feels that there is a need for him to pop into find out more about the local business and its service.

If it was a legal service ad, it might be a FREE consultation to a legal problem or query they may have, etc.

This new untapped marketing is called BLUETOOTH MARKETING, and hardly anyone is engaging in this for their business. In fact, anyone could use this underground technique to drive customers to their business.

If you are a mobile marketing agent, this is another useful way to interest local businesses in the whole mobile marketing industry. And once it is set up once, it is automated.


All you have to do is download a piece of software to your PC/MAC, and then drag a picture ad into the interface of the software. The software will then detect all the mobile phones in the area, and will reveal the ad on their mobile phone. This is not mobile advertising as such, as the ad pops up.


You can use any type of marketing for this, including:

– Text Message Marketing
– Image Advertising
– Video Advertising

Once the person has accepted that they are interested in the business ad, and want to find out more, they are then added to a database. You could use this as a feature similar to email marketing, to further interested customers, who may not be "active" to visit the business at that particular moment.

This could be used in conjunction with your SMS Marketing campaigns as a mobile marketing agent, and you could even use it as an automated virtual business card. So when people accept the business ad, they are then sent via an SMS Marketing service,and given details of the business, what it provides, how it could help the customer with what they need etc.

Find out more about the whole mobile marketing business models, by going to the link below…

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